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Crystal Dictionary


✧ Grounding          ✧ Acceptance           ✧ Calming

✧ With the power to harmonise yin and yang polarities, Agate keeps the positive and negative forces in balance facilitating well-being as self-analysis and self-acceptance become aligned.

✧ Considered one of the most protective stones it provides a sense of safety keeping away the negative energy.

✧ This soothing and calming stone works slowly but gives the user a great dose of strength which will help to stabilise the emotional, physical, and intellectual aspects.



Calming    Communication    Courage     

Called as a stone of courage, Amazonite will guide you to move beyond your fear of judgment and confrontation with others.

It balances the masculine and feminine energies which brings a sense of stability to your personality

Connected to the heart and throat chakra, it enhances loving communication so you can freely express yourself and accept others’ opinions more easily.



Protection      Cleansing      Clarity 

Known as “the intuitive eye” and much more, Amethyst is a protective stone with believed power of activating your mind and intuition, however, this stone will also guide you during day & night as it promotes a feeling of relaxation and a meditative state.

Use your Iron Lion bag to place your Amethyst under your pillow to experience better sleep and wake up from vivid dreams.



Calm       Clarity      Cleansing 

Original from Brazil this stone on your neck will bring you the calming energy of the oceans helping you to break through the old patterns of yourself by replacing it with a good dose of self-love.

The Aquamarine has this beautiful light colour that is not in vain. Aquamarine will cool you off like a cold shower activates your mind and body responses.



Luck       Abundance       Success

It is one of the premier stones to attract luck abundance and success. It comforts, harmonizes and protects the heart, helping also to attract luck in love.

Aventurine is a manifestation stone that can help you bring your dreams into reality.



Grounding       Calm      Concentration   

Agates are very stabilising stones so if you look for emotional, physical and intellectual balance, don’t hesitate carrying out an agate with you.

The Black Agate transforms negativity into positivity by bringing calmness and healing towards anger and anxiety. You might feel more energised and balanced with this stone next to you.

There is also a belief that the Black Agate provides with prosperity and courage, helping you to associate both physical and spiritual and grounding them into reality.



✧ Self-discovery     ✧ Cleansing    ✧ Grounding

Black Kyanite is a powerful tool for self-discovery. Helping ask all the right questions while diving deep within to understand one's truest desires, and interests. It reveals hidden talents and clears the way towards the destined path.

If you're going through an overwhelming period and you can't seem to stop worrying and overthinking, wear this stunning crystal necklace to feel better.

✧ It not only grounds spiritual energy but also energizes the body. This is a great stone for healers. Another benefit of Black Kyanite is its ability to automatically, without conscious effort, cleanse, align and open the Chakras, as well as keep them grounded and centered.



✧ Grounding   ✧ Self-confidence   ✧ Cleansing

✧  Is a powerful grounding stone, which promotes a sense of power and self-confidence. It grounds spiritual energy, clears and balances all the chakras, and forms a protective shield around the body.

✧ Black Tourmaline enables you to maintain a positive attitude toward your goals and desires, besides its vibration will clear the air and neutralize the harmful effects of the waves emanating from electronic devices. 



Grounding       Acceptance      Calming

With the power to harmonise yin and yang polarities, the blue agate keeps the positive and negative forces in balance facilitating well-being as self-analysis and self-acceptance become aligned.

Considered one of the most protective stones it provides a sense of safety keeping away the negative energy.

This soothing and calming stone works slowly but gives the user a great dose of strength which will help to stabilise the emotional, physical and intellectual aspects.



Calm        Communication   Emotional Intelligence

 Blue Calcite is a gentle & powerful stone that cleanses your energy, removing any stagnancy within your body. Aiming for recuperation & relaxation.

Full of benefits, we are going to list a few more below: 

soothe emotional stress

help with studies/boost memory

if you look for hope or motivation

elevates self-awareness 

releases negative emotions



 Acceptance       Mood-boosting      Emotional-balance

Called sometimes a stone of contentment, this sparkly little one made of quartz sand can lift up your energy by giving you a boost of positivity & self-confidence. 

Those who wear them might slowly experience inner deep serenity when other’s opinion becomes just their opinions and it can’t affect you as before.



Communication     Intuition       Self-expression

Kyanites are yin-yang balancing stones that gently enhance your energetic frequency by stimulating your psychic abilities & intuition. Original from Brazil, blockages, negative fears/emotions such as frustration & stress might dissipate when you wear your Blue Kyanite necklace.

Good for speakers or those who want to empower the voice, it also helps with the throat and larynx.



Calming    Self-expression   ✧ Supportive 

Linked to the throat chakra this beautiful cooling and calming stone encourages free expression of thoughts and feelings promoting the release of mental stress.

The healing aspect of the Blue Lace Agate brings peace of mind as it neutralizes anger, infections, inflammations and fever.



Grounding      Prosperity     ✧ Trust & Determination

The strong Carnelian is a stone with high energy that is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation. Full of benefits it helps you to take positive decisions in life which will make you trust more yourself and your perceptions.

This stone can also boost your business/career by promoting success and courage to deal with the everyday reality.

Connected to the base chakra, Carnelian influences the female reproductive organs and increases fertility.



Inspiration     Protection    Abundance

This is such a dynamic stone that we love and encourage you to be closer to.

There are so many qualities that we decided to enumerate a few:

raises self-esteem & confidence

enhances creativity

powerful energy & mind cleanser 

attracts wealth & prosperity

negativity runs far from it 

enhances your concentration 

brings emotional stability



Balance      Achievement        Clarity 

Rockstar or poker of the crystals, the Clear Quartz emerges in high-frequency in order to elevate your spirit assisting you to find balance and clear thoughts towards life. This pure-light guy will purify & guide you wherever you go, as you can project all types of intentions on it once you have them close to you.



Quick-thinking  Protection  ✧ Grounding 

Jaspers, in general, are known for being protective & encouraging stones, which help us during stressful times as we tend to experience a sense of wholeness within ourselves.

The Dalmatian Jasper, however, can you relate the name? Yes, inspired by the Dalmatian dog, you will feel grounded but boosted to live a focused life including loads of joy to it. Brings also those lovely childhood memories that we might have forgotten.



Awareness      Protection      Focus 

Crystal’s lovers tends to have a special connection with Fluorites. It not only keeps negative energy away but makes you aware to see the truth about people around you.

This crystal cleanses and stabilizes the aura, being extremely effective against computer and electromagnetic stress.

Dissolving fixed ideas, it helps to move beyond narrow-mindedness to the bigger picture. Also, increases concentration and helps to absorb new information promoting quick thinking.



Guidance      Love         Self-worth

Known as the wish stone, Fuchsite also works as a good luck charm that works to keep the hope in your heart burning long and bright. Wishing and dreaming is just as important as breathing, especially when it comes to discovering the true desires of your soul. This crystal helps to give you the strength and inspiration needed to follow your wildest dreams.

When you feel like you’re stuck where you are and nothing significant is happening with your life, Fuchsite is a very good stone to have with you. It will give you a fresh new perspective on life, and it will make you appreciate all the good things you have going for you.



Strength    Transformation    ✧ Grounding 

Goldstone shines like the Sun. Always noticeable, the Goldstone works as a guide on your path. It holds the fire energy you need to ground yourself & feel confident to pursue your goals and repel any kind of different energy you don't want to get in contact with.



Balance     Serenity     Intuition

Kyanites are yin-yang balancing stones that gently enhance your energetic frequency by stimulating your psychic abilities & intuition. Original from Brazil, blockages, negative fears/emotions such as frustration & stress might dissipate when you wear your Green Kyanite necklace.

Green Kyanite will help you to connect with the truth of the heart, guiding you to discern the truth of a situation so you can always make your decision based on complete knowledge.



 Self-confidence    ✧ Transformation     Positivity

 Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones when we talk about the transmutation of energy where negative becomes positive

 Helping us to remove blockages in our body, it guides to dive deep into ourselves promoting self-confidence & inspiration.

 The Green Tourmaline in special, work as a healer to the wearer, promoting compassion & patience by dissipating fear, however, it opens the channels to new perspectives, prosperity and abundance.



Focus      Grounding       Confidence

This crystal is particularly effective at grounding and protecting. It also has a cooling and calming effect, bringing balance between mind, body and spirit.

Known as a “stone for the mind”, stimulates concentration & focus, enhancing memory & original thought.

It supports timidity, boosting self-esteem and survivability, enhancing determination and confidence. Hematite can keep you standing strong, fully grounded, and completely unshakeable no matter how much chaos the world around you is in.




✧  Communication   ✧ Metal Clarity  ✧ Focus

✧ Hawk's Eye (also called Blue Tiger Eye) is suitable for focus, mental clarity, and deeper insight into your experiences. It gives you the ability to see issues that might have been hard to see otherwise. 

✧ Blue Tiger Eye works extremely well with the Throat and Third Eye chakras, providing insight into internal conflicts and emotional or mental issues. It brings a "go with the flow" attitude, aiding in relief from fears, phobias and hot tempers, also balance the male/female, Yin/Yang energies.

✧ If you are nervous about giving a presentation or speaking in public, wear the Haw's Eye necklace will help you relax your Throat Chakra, clear any blockages, and form a strong connection with the Third-Eye Chakra for easier access to the intuition.



Abundance    Confidence    Persistence

This golden yellow tone mineral will ease your ability to develop skills, as she teaches you how to use and recognize inner power & self-worthy feelings.

If you need a kick to accomplish projects in life, Honey Calcite will root you back allowing you to focus on what has to be done.



Motivation      Calm        Creativity

If you are experiencing insomnia, stress or an overactive mind, we highly recommend you to try the power of the Howlite. Not only for those who are looking for calmness in life, it also enhances charisma, self-confidence and communication.

It might also release negative emotions such as pain and anger, improving your emotional well-being and self-awareness.



Self-confidence      ✧ Stability      ✧ Concentration  

Considered a grounding stone, Indian Agate will make you stop and quietly contemplate your surroundings. This means the assimilation of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth and inner stability.

Helping you to overcome negativity, it will enhance your mental function as your concentration is improved and your ability to take practical decisions will increase.

Works as a boost to your self-confidence. It gently promotes self-acceptance and a sense of safety by dissolving internal tensions.



Empowerment      Serenity      Self-Cure

Jade promotes calm. Connecting to the heart, with a protective power, it brings harmony & good luck into your life.

You know when you look to find your real essence that is hidden somewhere but you can't find exactly where it is? Lemon Jade especially guides us to enhance this energy by connecting our mind & body as one.

This beautiful versatile stone dissolve negative thoughts and irritability, helping us to be more creative & effective.



Empowerment    Serenity      Self-Cure

Jade promotes calm. Connecting to the heart, with a protective power, it brings harmony & good luck into your life.

You know when you look to find your real essence that is hidden somewhere but you can't find exactly where it is? Green Jade especially guides us to enhance this energy by connecting our mind & body as one.

This beautiful versatile stone dissolve negative thoughts and irritability, helping us to be more creative & effective.



Clarity      Objectivity      Acceptance 

This is such a powerful stone. Lapis Lazuli is connected to the throat chakra which will aid you to express your own opinions with facility and may harmonize conflicts as it teaches you to be an active listener.

You may experience harmony between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels as it will lead you to a deep inner self-knowledge.

Last but not least, Lapis Lazuli will endure your qualities of honesty, compassion, and uprightness to your personality.



Tranquility      Guidance    Harmony

Lepidolite helps you to let go of those patterns that are no longer serving you, to reorganize and restructure your behavior patterns and thoughts, and to embrace times of change in flow.

  This stone not only nurtures you but teaches you how to self-soothe and make choices that come with a heightened sense of awareness and commitment to your own health and happiness.

Wearing Lepidolite necklace is a powerful way to connect with the stone’s energy throughout the day. It will remind you to take a breath and come back to a calm state of being, even facing anxiety or stress.



Balance      Focus      Transformation 

If you're drawn to this vibrant crystal, it could mean that it’s time for a change. Known as the stone of transformation, the Malachite brings energy and focus to new growth.

Connected with the heart chakra, this stone does an amazing job in encouraging you to let go of old traumas and pattern stepping outside your comfort zone.

Malachite will help you to decrease fears, not just in an emotional way but also in helping your body deal with any resistance in changing.


✧ New beginnings     ✧ Adventure      ✧ Grounding

✧ Originally from Australia, Mookaite is a bolster to give you strength and insight for making life's big decisions. Encouraging you to take control of your destiny will help you shoot the stars in the right direction.

✧ This powerful nature-connected stone has strong qualities that can help you to feel grounded and anchored at the same time you experience calm by being supported by the natural rhythm of life.

✧ Connected to the root chakra, sacral and solar plexus chakra, it pushes you to step out of your comfort zone and approach life with a fresh perspective.



Intuition     Calm      Balance

Moonstone is as a “stone of new beginnings”. As its name suggests, it is strongly connected to the moon and to intuition. Like the moon, this crystal is reflective and reminds us that, as the moon waxes, everything is part of a cycle of changes.

It has a powerful effect of calming the emotions.  It balances male-female energies and vigorously affects the female reproductive cycle, alleviating menstrual-related diseases.

Wear the Moonstone necklace next to the heart will make you feel glowing and a magical energy illuminating your aura and everything around you.



Serenity      Hope      Optimism    

This is a serene stone that will help alleviating anxiety and depression feelings by bringing inner peace and calmness.

Known as a stone that can remove emotional blockages, Opalite can support you by boosting your mood and promoting lightness to deal with life.

To summarise, if you look for lightness, fun & joy to assist you during new beginnings or any transitions in life, this crystal might be the one for you.



Nurturer      Tranquility      Protection 

The earthy aspect of Jasper Stone explains a lot about itself. The "supreme nurturer" Jasper promote peace within ourselves as it aligns our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

You can expect hidden feelings & emotions to come up to the surface. However, they will pass through the present as big teachings, resulting in harmony and a good dose of harmony into your life.



Optimism      Protection       Grounding 

Jaspers, in general, are known for being protective & encouraging stones, which help us during stressful times as we tend to experience a sense of wholeness within ourselves.

Picasso Jasper is a lovely, happy stone that reminds us to celebrate and enjoy life, bringing optimism and openness. 



Love      Peace      Patience

Aragonites are a crystal that can help you feel deeply rooted, releasing any excess of energy, centering yourself and silencing your mind. It is a perfect piece to use when patience is needed.

Pink aragonite ensures the well-being of the heart chakra. It holds an incredible power over the heart, being useful in matters of love.

This crystal brings qualities of patience, stability, problem-solving and peace into your life. So that you may experience deeper, healthier and more fulfilling relationships.



✧ Aphrodisiac     ✧ Self-love      ✧ Trust

✧ If you want to attract love and make sure you love yourself before being loved by others, this is your stone. Connected to the heart chakra it inspires trust and safe to love. Disperses emotional pain and old destructive patterns.

✧ Pink Tourmaline promotes a peaceful and relaxing state that is capable to stimulate receptivity to healing energies such as wisdom and compassion.



 Unconditional love    Peace   Harmony

Have you heard the expression healing the healer? This is what Prehnite does. It helps to promote deep contact with our higher self-enabling us to be ready to face all types of challenges.

As a good teacher does, Prehnite make us more connected to nature and our surroundings as it opens the path to our spiritual growth, followed by peace & protection.



Spiritual      Relaxing      Clarity     

Purple Aventurine is one of the many colours available in the Aventurine family. It is a soul and spirit healer that will support you when your faith is rocked. 

It is an excellent crystal for all types of energy balancing. It can balance out masculine/feminine, yin/yang, and physical energies. If you are feeling “off” physically, then this is a good source to help you reset.

This stone gets the purple colour from the inclusions of purple Mica - Aka Lepidolite. It holds some of the powerful benefits of Lepidolite such as relieving intense stress and anxiety, lifting depression, and healing heart wounds.



Honesty        Bravery        Protection

Obsidian is a stone, which is made of the molten lava that forms from the volcanic eruptions.

Known as a “stone of truth”, Purple Obsidian will bring out the warrior spirit on you. It can help reach into your subconscious, reclaim yourself & guide you find or re-discover forgotten abilities within yourself.

It protects and prevents that negative energy affects you. Also, has a special ability to act as a mirror, giving you insights of your own honesty flaws.



Abundance     Creativity      Action 

Full of positive energy, the Pyrite is a special one to your collection. Think about a work environment that needs positive energy and prosperity. This is exactly what Pyrite will help us with.

As a guide that protects from negative energy, Pyrite helps us to get rid of the old patterns to introduce a new way of thinking. However, it gives us that necessary boost to put projects into action.




✧ Unconditional love     ✧ Peace     ✧ Self-worth

✧ The crystal of L.O.V.E. Rose Quartz is well known for introducing love into our lives. Connected to the heart, it develops self-acceptance to help us to be open to giving and receiving love.

✧ It teaches us how to love ourselves by strengthening qualities such as empathy & sensitivity, which facilitates the process of transmutation of emotions that no longer belong to us.



Balancing    Confidence    Clear trauma

This is a powerful stone for those who have experienced any kind of abuse in life. It helps you to build up confidence by clearing away emotional wounds and scars from the past.

As a grounding stone it will you guide you to remain calm in stressful and upsetting situations.

Last but no least if you had any emotional shock related to betrayal, abandonment or abuse, Rhodonite will transmute the pain and resentment with a feeling of forgiveness and reconciliation.



Vitality      Happiness      Growth

The combination of Ruby stone and Green Zoisite make her magnificent colours. Offering the energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth.

She drives you to enhance the link between the heart and the brain. We know what the heart wants is actually something that the mind may commonly snub, right? However, with the presence of the Ruby Zoisite, you will find a way in working together and producing astonishing results.



 Self-awareness   Love   Problem-solving

 Muscovite is well known as a spiritual crystal which enhances the ones intuition stimulating the awareness of the higher self and the alignment of the chakras bringing balance to the physical body.

 Known also as Mica, it can guide us towards self-expression where self-doubt and insecurity get dissolved, being replaced by joy and flexibility at all levels.



Peace          Clarity         Cleansing

Did you know that Selenites are self-cleansing crystals that also cleans the other crystals that you have at home? It eliminates negative energy and enhances focus, clarity and creates calm in any space.

It brings clarity and spiritual connection as it’s connected to the Crown Chakra. Therefore, it is an excellent crystal for meditation and spiritual work.



✧ Grounding       ✧ Protection        ✧ Creativity 

✧ Smoky Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding gemstones that helps you to connect to the energy of the Earth, making you remain balanced in any situation.

✧ This amulet removes negative energies from your body, from the environment or from those you meet and interact with.

✧ It’s also the perfect stone to help you through a tough business deal or a challenging conversation with your partner. It can also improve creativity and lateral thinking in problem-solving.



✧ Inner peace    ✧ Love      Spiritual support

✧ This beautiful stone will allow you to understand the meaning behind your existence and what you have to do to achieve what you want in life. With the ability to bring energies of universal love, the Strawberry Quartz will create a sense of personal importance that will enable you to face any obstacles being thrown at you in your everyday life.

✧ It also helps to dissolve worry & anxiety by making you more spiritually and material centred with grounding qualities linked to the heart and root chakra. It brings your subtle energy body, your emotions, and your psyche into balance.



✧ Resilience   ✧ Connection   ✧ Grounding

✧ Stromatolite has an exceptionally grounding and peaceful energy, which can teach us both patience and resilience. It reminds us that we are the sum of billions upon billions of ancestors and that their strength and determination to survive and thrive is genetically gifted to us. With such power in us, we can surely overcome any problem we face with grace and dignity. In turn, it is our responsibility to show others, particularly younger generations, how to live well.

✧ Stromatolite connects to our ancestors, to respect the past and expect the best of the future. It has the meaning and proprieties of increasing the power to try. This crystal can help you actively open up a new field, letting you smoothly absorb new information and technology.



Self-worth    Creativity    Protection

A combination of sun and earth results in the Tiger’s eye stone. Its high vibrational energy balances the yin-yang and enhances the energy of the emotional body.

If you think you need practical perception towards what you want and what you really need, this will work well for you.

Known as a stone of luck and good fortune wearing a Tiger’s eye will make you attract an abundance flow into your life.



Spiritual protection     Energising     Balance

Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier of the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form.

Wear the Tibetian Quartz necklace will create a “bubble of Light” around your body, allowing only positive vibrations and promoting spiritual protection.

The frequency of Tibetan Quartz connects to all the chakras, activating, aligning and balancing the energy centres. It cleanses energy fields of negativity, purifying and energizing the whole of one’s being.



✧Energising     ✧ Stability      ✧ Clarity     

Tree agate is light as it looks. You will experience your body gaining strength in all aspects such as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It will also help you achieve balance and stability as you might start ignoring all things that are causing pain or confusion.

Behind the scenes, Tree Agate will help you achieve what you set out to the Universe.